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The only thing I remember about going to the dentist as a child is the vague threat of braces and the horrible taste of bubblegum fluoride.  Thankfully the braces never materialized, but the taste of that fluoride still haunts me today which is why I was determined to find a kids dentist worth going too.

Kids dentistry has come a long way since back then & no place does it better than Stellar Kids Dentistry.  From a hobbit sized entrance just for the kids to ceiling mounted DVD players; perfect for watching while laying on one’s back, Stellar is designed specifically with kids in mind.


Maybe because it’s true that a great smile will get you places and great teeth take work to stay that way, but I worry about my kid’s dentist appointments more than practically anything else in their lives.  Like a brown-nosing teacher’s pet, I wait for those two precious words; “cavity free” with bated breath, and when it’s finally uttered my way, it is all I can do not to jump up & high-five myself…and the dentist too of course.  Not only have I succeeded in keeping the children alive, but I have threatened & harassed them enough to actually brush their teeth and stave off the dreaded cavities! I can see their bright & shiny smiling futures swimming before my eyes; a Harvard alum speech, chairman of the board, a Grammy in hand-all thanks to that mouthful of bright-white, cavity free pearly whites.  After all, it’s a Mom’s job to dream, right?


Stellar Dentistry is captained by Dr. Lamba who is terrific and just like her office, bright & cheerful.  Even when London, to my horror, chomped down on her hand like a rabid beast during an exam a few years back, she smiled right thru it and simply stated that it was a hazard of the job.  Anyone who has ever been bitten by those razor-sharp daggers that some people call “baby teeth” can tell you that smiling thru that (and not immediately launching the offending child across the room out of pure animalistic instinct) is a real skill indeed.

Bottom line, teeth are important and though going to the dentist may not be the highlight of anyone’s week, Stellar makes it a little more fun, and for kids, that’s always a good thing.


Stellar Kids Dentistry

~Mukilteo Office~


4420 106th Street SW

Mukilteo, WA 98275

Open Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Fridays 8am-4pm

Closed Saturdays and Sundays


Li’l Klippers

shot_1421366237078 My son London has a lot of hair and it’s beautiful.  It’s shiny & soft and full of baby curls, hence I could understand my husband’s hesitation at loping it all off.  Yet after a few, “she’s so cute” comments and some solid competition for Cousin It’s hairdo, I had decided that a little trim, at least, was in order. In fairness, I should really give the credit for making this decision to my mom, who has told me incessantly that London’s hair in his eyes all the time was a form of child cruelty.  My habit of always forgetting to bring toys for London anywhere we go must just slay her. shot_1421364028015 PICT5009 Li’l Klippers, a kids hair salon located on the 2nd floor of the Wallingford Center in Seattle, was just the place for this time honored toddler rite of passage.  After all, a baby’s 1st haircut instantly turns your chubby cheeked infant into a independent & grown up toddler, and a proper setting for that kind of transformation is essential.  The salon is darling, with different wooden characters to sit in, plenty of books to read and a bright, vibrant atmosphere. After choosing the boat to sit in, London settled in like a champ and let Melissa, the stylish, work her magic.  She was great with him and handled the paparazzi burn of our camera flashes like a pro.  When it was over, she gave us a little card with a few of London’s fallen locks, a sweet touch to pine over one day when he decides to shave his head in teenage rebellion. PICT5011

Li’l Klippers


1815 North 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98103

*Located inside the Wallingford Center on the 2nd floor*