Sheraton Gingerbread Village

shot_1418161934683   Before London came along, the only way I would have stumbled across this Seattle tradition is if I snuck into the hotel lobby to use its bathroom.  Once the kid appeared on the scene however, every free, possibly entertaining event in a 100 mile radius piques my interest, so off we went to size up the Sheraton Gingerbread Village.  This year marks its 22nd year of sweet success and as we ambled through the gawking crowd; I could see why.  It is a sugary marvel; from working ferris wheels to enchanting lighting, the six displays are architectural wonders.

shot_1418162171164 shot_1418161712335


The displays are built as a fundraiser for Junior Diabetes research which seems like an oxymoron being that they are built of sugar and all but who doesn’t love gingerbread houses & no one gets to eat these, diabetes or not! Our dear little friend Jordyn was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so London of course donated his future tooth fairy money to the cause.

shot_1418162415660The Gingerbread Village is free, open 24 hours until Jan. 5th and oh so sweet.  The hardest part of our visit was trying to keep London from crawling under the velvet rope and devouring the whole thing, something I’m sure the Sheraton would frown on.


Downtown Seattle Sheraton

1400 6th Ave

Open Nov. 25th~Jan. 5th

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week


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