Wilmot Gateway Park


London and I stopped by this little gem yesterday as a brief respite from errand running in the suburbs. It wasn’t raining at the time & actually was quite warm out, yet the park was nearly deserted. That worked out well for us though, giving my toddler daredevil complete domain over the entire playground including the big kid area, a freedom which he rarely encounters.

The Burke-Gilman Trail runs right thru the park, adjacent to a burbling little river and had I had my act together, we might even have gone on a stroll.


The park is very well maintained and the rest rooms are located right next to the playground, a thoughtful setup which I can only imagine to be the planning of a park engineering parent.  The playground itself is nice, with a cute little color scheme of white & teal big toys, a nice change from the ‘ol wooden standard.  There is a section for both little & big kiddos, a sandbox with a digger and a tire swing. All in all, it’s a swell little city park, right in the heart of Woodinville.





Wilmot Gateway Park
17301 131st Ave NE
Woodinville, WA

*Free Parking though spots can be limited on a busy weekend*

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