Storytime on Arthur Floss

shot_1414090419561 Ah storytime. Some kids love it, some kids turn into obnoxious, bedeviled little noisemakers who spew a plethora of mundane questions the second a book is opened. Luckily, London is in the first category…most of the time. Obviously, I want him to love reading, unlike his father who believes that cracking open a car manual is akin to reading War & Peace; so storytime is a big seller for me. I am not however, one of those parents who will gleefully read a 10 word board book over & over again…once a day sure, then it’s hidden deep in the recesses of his closet till at least tomorrow.  Googling, soft spoken storytelling is usually not for me.  So story time on a 125 year old tugboat naturally caught my eye. Did it offer books of substance, normal voices and something cool for me to look at besides a multicolored floor mat? It did and then some.




The Arthur Foss was built in 1889, and besides towing boats up & down the Columbia River and running supplies to miners up in Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush, the little tugboat was also featured in the film Tugboat Annie and did a stint in the American Navy during WWII.  Not a bad piece of history to learn your ABC’s on.


Story time lasts about 30 minutes & then you and the munchkin are free to cruise the boat. There are no bathrooms on board but the MOHAI cafe is located mere feet away, with a large, clean bathroom free to use.

2014-10-23 11.47.40

Arthur Foss Story Time
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month ~FREE~
11am aboard the Arthur Foss
Located behind MOHAI
860 Terry Ave North
Seattle, WA

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