Li’l Klippers

shot_1421366237078 My son London has a lot of hair and it’s beautiful.  It’s shiny & soft and full of baby curls, hence I could understand my husband’s hesitation at loping it all off.  Yet after a few, “she’s so cute” comments and some solid competition for Cousin It’s hairdo, I had decided that a little trim, at least, was in order. In fairness, I should really give the credit for making this decision to my mom, who has told me incessantly that London’s hair in his eyes all the time was a form of child cruelty.  My habit of always forgetting to bring toys for London anywhere we go must just slay her. shot_1421364028015 PICT5009 Li’l Klippers, a kids hair salon located on the 2nd floor of the Wallingford Center in Seattle, was just the place for this time honored toddler rite of passage.  After all, a baby’s 1st haircut instantly turns your chubby cheeked infant into a independent & grown up toddler, and a proper setting for that kind of transformation is essential.  The salon is darling, with different wooden characters to sit in, plenty of books to read and a bright, vibrant atmosphere. After choosing the boat to sit in, London settled in like a champ and let Melissa, the stylish, work her magic.  She was great with him and handled the paparazzi burn of our camera flashes like a pro.  When it was over, she gave us a little card with a few of London’s fallen locks, a sweet touch to pine over one day when he decides to shave his head in teenage rebellion. PICT5011

Li’l Klippers


1815 North 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98103

*Located inside the Wallingford Center on the 2nd floor*

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