Little Red’s Bakery


  There’s few things finer on Earth than a perfectly made chocolate chip cookie.  This being America and all, a land filled with cult status baked goods, finding one little amazing cookie should be a simple enough task but I assure you that it is not! I have taken a bite out of many subpar imitations on my quest to discover chocolate chip perfection and the road leading to my long sought perfect treat is littered with crumbled disappointment. However I have finally found the elusive perfectly made chocolate chip cookie and thankfully it is just east of the Mountains from me so I can’t eat them everyday which is good because I’d be fat as hell I’m sure.  With crisp edges and a soft, almost under baked center; they are as close to circular perfection as one can really come.  And when the one doing the baking happens to be your spunky little sister, well, all the better.shot_1422481628779

I’ve traveled back and forth over Hwy 2 all my life & Little Red’s is a welcome bright spot on the well traveled road.  It plies its’ customers with tasty lattes and sumptuous baked goods concocted right there, in the itty bitty little oven.  It is no small wonder that Aubrey, the owner and operator of Little Red’s, can pull it off, especially in the high mountain heat of a Leavenworth summer.

shot_1434902681769 shot_1422480656599

She uses locally roasted Cafe Ladro beans for her frothy lattes~a sophisticated choice often not available this far from urban dwelling.  Aside from her caffeine quenching treats, there are daily baked specials such as banana nutella muffins (so good), homemade pop tarts, maple bacon bread and breakfast burritos.  As if this wasn’t enough, Little Red’s also offers homemade sack lunches complete with made to order sandwiches, fruit and a cookie; perfect for taking on a hike or early morning road trip.


I won’t even mention my favorite thing that she bakes, an oatmeal & raisin something or other which defies my tastebuds every time and blows every other version out of the water. Completely.  Seriously, it’s criminally good.  It’s her sweet revenge on me for all those years I tortured her with my big sister antics when we where kids; she’s trying to make me fat.


   It’s been amazing to watch Aubrey’s dreams come to fruition and though I may be a bit bias, she is my little sister after all, she really does encompass everything which most people want with their morning cup o’ joe.  That is good coffee, a sweet treat and a radiant smile~which is not a bad way to start your day I’d say.


Little Red’s Bakery

15395 US HWY 2

Leavenworth, WA 98826


Hours: Mon-Wed 6am-4pm

Thurs-Sun 6am-6pm

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