Deming Logging Show


Growing up in Washington, it was hard not to know at least one logging family.  We’re surrounded by towering evergreens up here and the logging blood runs deep.  It’s not easy work however and every year loggers become injured or even die while on the job~a sad reality of many labor intensive careers.  Established in 1963, the Deming Logging Show is a non-profit event put on every 2nd full weekend in June for “the Benefit of Busted Up Loggers”.  After watching some of the events put on during the show, such as pole falling or speed climbing, it’s really no wonder that loggers get “busted up”.  That’s some hard-ass work and from the looks of it, can be are scary as hell.


London of course, being the red blooded boy that he is, loved all the logging truck demonstrations and the axe throwing event was pretty manly as well.  He also dug all the vintage logging trucks set up outside the show, including some ancient beast of a machine that made me glad, at least for the modern day loggers, that they no longer had to utilize that metal monster.


Besides the competitive events and truck show, there was also a pretty tasty BBQ for purchase which included up to three different kinds of meat; a worthy calorie racking meal for all those axe swingin’ flanneled men.  I had not been nearly that active and the giant plate of food put in front of me could have fed a small family yet that didn’t stop me from eating it all.  I was at a logging show and I wasn’t about to lose my mountain creed over whether I needed a few 1000 measly calories.  Besides, I was supporting those “busted up loggers” and eating my weight in baked potato & cornbread was the least that I could do.


IMG_2747Deming Logging Show


3295 Cedarville Road Bellingham, WA 98226

2nd full weekend in June

$7.00 for adults

$4.00 for kids 6-12

Free Parking

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