Kirkland Arts Center


I am ashamed to admit it, since my mom is a self taught children’s illustrator and my childhood was infused with imaginative afternoons spent in her studio, but sometimes I need guidance being creative myself.  I often have the motivation and desire to pull off some sweet little craft venture with London but its in the execution of the project where I falter.  By the time I gather up all the supplies, wrangle London to the table and attempt to guide him towards a semblance of creating the actual project at hand, I am worn out.

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That’s the great thing about the Kirkland Arts Center drop-in toddler art class; they provide the materials, a room to contain the disaster that I won’t have to clean up later and a specific project for the day.  Not bad for $10.  All I had to do was throw a painting smock on London, sit him down & watch the creative juices flow!


The project the day we visited the art center was a self portrait.  All the kids were given a mirror to stare intently into while they tried valiantly to replicate their smiling faces.  London’s was a bit abstract but I think he got the round head shape down! They also made an art folder to take all their masterpieces home in.  Class lasted an hour and there was plenty of free parking around the neighborhood.  

Though I might not have personally pulled off a Pininterest worthy craft day with my toddler, he had fun being creative and I had fun watching him learn from someone else. And though creativity can and should get messy; today it wasn’t in my house which made me smile all the way home.  

Kirkland Arts Center
620 Market Street
Kirkland, WA 98033
Toddler Drop-In Class
Ages 2-4 with Adult
Tuesdays 10am~2nd Floor Mezzanine Studio
Supplies included~$10 per kid/parent 


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